Since the end of the 20th century, rich consumer goods make more and more consumers rational, who are expecting more spiritual aspects to life.  When we taste delicious food, we also experience a feeling of simple and genuine happiness, and a greener and healthier lifestyle.  Under the influence of such new humanism, this emerging consumer culture is increasingly sought after by the middle class.  Why are we concerned about environmental deterioration, global warming and ecological challenges?  One reason is that human beings consume too much fossil materials, from fossil energy to various petroleum products, such as plastics, fibers, detergents, pharmaceuticals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.  Consumer behavior needs to be healthier and more environmentally friendly, to sustain human development.  Human beings as evolutionary sapiens should be more intelligent.

     Relying on their geomagnetic receptor, robin and monarch butterfly will never lose their way.  Clownfish will also not be disoriented, by means of their olfactory receptor.  Whales can communicate from hundreds of miles.  Compared with many animals, human senses have a big degeneration, but our thinking and consciousness are more advanced.  Sensibility and reasoning bring us wisdom.  Natural ingredients are characterized by analytical isotope values, but what are the differences between the isotope values of ppm or ppb level carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.?  For example, the half-life of C14 is 5730 years, but only about 10 hours in the human body.  However, “inexplicable” does not mean “unscientific”.  Natural ingredients are alive.  Let’s bring a discreet luxury to our body.

     Extend your thinking!  It will be a new awakening of Eva or Fuxi, to gain more natural sensibility and talent.